Friday, December 7, 2012

What I plan to do with my life!

I am currently about half way through my senior year. I recently attended a very close friend's graduation (She graduated early; mid-year). She starts college training in January.

Being at this graduation made me think of my upcoming one, mostly just what my "speech" will say as it will be very different from hers.

My main goal in life is to be a Godly wife and mother! There is no higher calling. The Lord is the one that places this as a high priority. The world places priority on career, schooling, money, etc.

Well, my talk is going to mostly tell about my desires to be a Godly wife and mother. I also hope to show the great importance of this job as in this era, even Christians do not seem to hold it in as high regard as what the Lord does and instructs us to. Of course, I care what the Lord thinks, teaches, wants of me but it is also a chance for me to show those at my graduation what the Bible says about this topic.

So, as I do my research for my speech, my mom is doing what she often does as a homeschooling mom. She told me to make a report or notebook on this topic. It is something then that can remind and encourage me thoughout the years I am living out this role.

So... as I find things that I feel are Biblical on this topic and encouraging to those of us that seek this as the highest calling for a young lady, I will post them here on my blog. I hope if you read any of them that you will leave comments. We, soon-to-be-high school graudates always here the questions "So, where will you be going to school?", "What do you plan to be?" My answer, as a future homemaker is of course "to be a Godly wife and mother".... but the responses and looks of their faces (even of Christians) can be not-very-encouraging.
So, let's encourage one another, young future homemakers! :)

Here is a Homemakers Creed I found. It can be printed out and signed. Click the link below for the the printable.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! God has also given me the desire to be a God-honoring, homemaking, homeschooling and I love the thought of it. It is very encouraging to hear another young lady who has the same desire! When I tell others that I want to be a homemaker i get the impression that they think I am an underachiever who is lazy and has no motivation. This doesn't just come from non-christians, but from women who love the Lord and are homemakers themselves!
    I believe that it is a woman's highest calling to be a homemaker and to serve God through serving her family.
    Thanks again for the encouragement:)
    Ps. You and your cousin look alike in the graduation photos:)

  2. Kylie-
    Thanks so much for the comment. I get those same replies and looks from people that I'd think would be more supportive. It is God's desire for us and it's hard to believe that other Christian women wouldn't be incredibly encouraging of this choice. Thankfully my mother and some of the ladies I know at our church have been supportive.
    I hope to post more about being a homemaking wife and homeschooling mother. I do hope to encourage others who want to do this wonderful job too. Thanks for your encouragement! :)

  3. From a great friend Alison (who sent her comment via another media source) :)
    She says...."I agree - being a wife and mother is DEFINITELY the highest and best calling! Those people who give you strange looks have been swayed by the feminist movement (I am very passionately ANTIFEMINIST! haha) and think that choosing to play the role God gave women is silly. Why be a mom when you can be a lawyer, astronaut, doctor, or professor? And I'm not against female lawyers, astronauts, doctors, etc. but I think that when a profession gets in the way of motherly duties, that's wrong, and those professions can easily distract you from that. But anyway yes, I think that is awesome and like I said before, you'll be GREAT at your chosen profession of wife and mom!!! Don't let those weird looks discourage you! "

    Thank you Alison! :)

  4. this is great i think its cool to find someone with as much pashon as your self about god on acsident on the enternet. i am a senor my self and have been preaching for a cuple years and found this inspiring