Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunday School Picnic!

We just had our church's Annual Sunday School Picnic! It is always a fun time!!

Here is my younger sister with the gold fish she cought for her age group game!

This is my grandpa...and me.
The past few years we've played tug-a-war and EVERY year the girls win! I am not kidding! It's really shocking because they have some really strong guys and men on the other side.
Every year we have a big water slide! It is so much fun! Here I am going down with some friends!
As you can see the slide can get VERY bubbly at the bottom! That's even extra fun for some kids. This is my brother!
Here I am in the dining area with some friends!
We had an amazing time!
And all slept really well that night! hahahaha

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