Thursday, June 16, 2011

My first cupcake job

Recently a someone asked me to do a cupcake job- she said she wanted them just girly and cute. I never really did cupcakes before. My mom, sisters and I have done cooking and creative stuff together but this was a new challenge. And- it was fun!
We worked with fondant before but it is expensive to buy. So we made some homemade fondant. It is SO very much cheaper to make it homemade and I think it tasted better. I will share the recipe if anyone wants it.

Here we are at work....

Here are the flower tops....

The cupcake tower
The cupcakes all ready to go!
Us all ready to go! My little sister was invited to the mommy/daughter tea birthday and I went with the cupakes. We were to dress as girly and princess-like as we wanted.
I JUST got the dress at a Salvation Army Thrift store (for $10.00) It was handmade and my sister and I both wanted it! :) Here is a close-up of the fabric.
At the party- getting the cupcakes ready....
The kid's table -See the cupcake tower. The colors matched perfectly and that wasn't even planned out.
The group of little girls at the party. It was such a cute party! The little girl in the front row making the face is just too cute!
I can't wait to find some time to work with fondant again. We have some upcoming birtdays this summer so maybe I can do the cakes for mom now. :)

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  1. Absolutely beautiful job! You are definitely following in your mom's creative footsteps! God has given you quite an artistic eye!
    Mrs. G.