Monday, June 20, 2011

Modesty: What we advertise.

Recently I have been a bit upset at how some of the Christian girls I know are dressing. We expect to see the unsaved girls dressy skimpy and unmodest but it is upseting when Christian girls choose to dress this way.
My mom and dad have always taught us about modesty and why it is important.

We also had a talk recently (about how some Christian girls don't seem to be convicted to dress modestly)..and mom said she thinks I should use my blog to talk about some of these things. Maybe some other teenagers will think more about what they wear or might comment and share what they think too.

I will post more things on the topic of modesty in posts coming up but this is the first thing I wanted to share!
This says it so well....


  1. Great post Gg! So true.

  2. What "3 words" are they talking about at the end of the movie??
    They're looking good by way of modesty morals, but should work on their music!!! Unless its just imitating (sp??) car commercials?!?!

  3. I think the music is imitating car commercials. It's the theme to KNight Rider my mom said which was a show about a fancy car. I wasn't sure about the 3 words. I just thought the idea of not advertising was pretty good.