Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great videos on modesty

Here is a great video on Modesty that tells the truth about bikins.
The speaker is a Catholic teen speaker. Whether Catholic or not (which I am not), the info and message is wonderful. Interesting facts on.... Should Christian women wear bikinis

Another great short message from this speaker: Dressing for Love! Covering up to reveal our dignity!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Modesty Heart Check

My mom found this post and sent it to me. I thought it was really good and thought I'd share it. Click the link and head over to read
The article has good guidelines to follow.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Modesty: What we advertise.

Recently I have been a bit upset at how some of the Christian girls I know are dressing. We expect to see the unsaved girls dressy skimpy and unmodest but it is upseting when Christian girls choose to dress this way.
My mom and dad have always taught us about modesty and why it is important.

We also had a talk recently (about how some Christian girls don't seem to be convicted to dress modestly)..and mom said she thinks I should use my blog to talk about some of these things. Maybe some other teenagers will think more about what they wear or might comment and share what they think too.

I will post more things on the topic of modesty in posts coming up but this is the first thing I wanted to share!
This says it so well....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our End-of-the-Year event

Last night we had our end-of-the-year event with our homeschool group. It's always a great night.

First- these were the amazing clouds on the car ride in...

This is my table, with a lot of the work I did this school year displayed.

My sister and I sang a song for the performance part it was called
"You Are Good" by Point Of Grace. It's the first time we sung together as a duet. We sing together in groups or in choir.
And here is my Shakepeare class! This year we did Othello and I was Desdamona.
We did a goofy picture for fun!!!! A couple of the kids bought some cool
swards and dagers for the play! The three boys being attacked are younger brothers of some of us. They were our ushers that night.
Here I am with two of my good friends! :D
It was SO MUCH FUN this year at co-op! The play went really well. The girl in the white shirt was new to our co-op this year and is now one of my really good friends!
God is so good!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunday School Picnic!

We just had our church's Annual Sunday School Picnic! It is always a fun time!!

Here is my younger sister with the gold fish she cought for her age group game!

This is my grandpa...and me.
The past few years we've played tug-a-war and EVERY year the girls win! I am not kidding! It's really shocking because they have some really strong guys and men on the other side.
Every year we have a big water slide! It is so much fun! Here I am going down with some friends!
As you can see the slide can get VERY bubbly at the bottom! That's even extra fun for some kids. This is my brother!
Here I am in the dining area with some friends!
We had an amazing time!
And all slept really well that night! hahahaha

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My first cupcake job

Recently a someone asked me to do a cupcake job- she said she wanted them just girly and cute. I never really did cupcakes before. My mom, sisters and I have done cooking and creative stuff together but this was a new challenge. And- it was fun!
We worked with fondant before but it is expensive to buy. So we made some homemade fondant. It is SO very much cheaper to make it homemade and I think it tasted better. I will share the recipe if anyone wants it.

Here we are at work....

Here are the flower tops....

The cupcake tower
The cupcakes all ready to go!
Us all ready to go! My little sister was invited to the mommy/daughter tea birthday and I went with the cupakes. We were to dress as girly and princess-like as we wanted.
I JUST got the dress at a Salvation Army Thrift store (for $10.00) It was handmade and my sister and I both wanted it! :) Here is a close-up of the fabric.
At the party- getting the cupcakes ready....
The kid's table -See the cupcake tower. The colors matched perfectly and that wasn't even planned out.
The group of little girls at the party. It was such a cute party! The little girl in the front row making the face is just too cute!
I can't wait to find some time to work with fondant again. We have some upcoming birtdays this summer so maybe I can do the cakes for mom now. :)