Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hey All! I found this in my list of posts that never got posted. It is a few weeks old so sorry. I will post more soon about the play my sister and I were in this weekend.

Wow! We had a busy and very week. Last Sunday my dad spoke at an "older folks" home. My sister and I did a duet (piano/violin) and we sang with the residents there.

We had a great field trip to a local orchard and bakery. It rained a little but we learned a lot and it was fun.

We had another great activitiy the next day. We went to a wonderful missions place where we packed up things they take to needy areas throughout the world. Last time we made up meal packeges (you can read about that here). This time we sorted and packed seeds. Burpee donated millions of seeds to them!!

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