Saturday, October 9, 2010

Last week

This week my class with the little ones was around the book, Fool Moon Rising.
The book is about how the moon is very boastful and proud, singing songs about himself and talking about how astronauts landed on him, etc. But then he realizes one day that he isn't the greatest light but that God created the Sun to be the greatest light. and....just as he reflects the Son's light, we are to reflect the SON's light!!
Our verse was:

Genesis 1:16: God made two great lights; the greater to rule the day...
We made suns with rays that the children could write ways to let their lights shine for Jesus and we made astronaut suits...

Then they played spaceship for awhile.

Here I am with my little astronauts :)

Then later in the week......

We got to see a musical performance, JOSEPH at a Chrisitan theater. What a wonderfull person Joseph was! The show was just amazing.

I want to be able to believe in God's promises for my life and bless others with His love and being forgiving- just as Joseph did throughout his life!

How great is our God! :D


  1. Hey Gg, looks like you are having fun! Keep up the good work. Those little ones are the next generation and if they grow up honoring God, they could, Lord willing, turn our nation around!!!

    God bless!