Friday, September 17, 2010

My 2nd class

This past week, the class I taught was all around the book Adeline's Porcupine.

This is a really great children's story. If you have someone young you can read to, I receommend getting this book and reading it to them.

Here I am reading the story to the kids.

Since the main character in this story is a porcupine, we played a version of Hot Potato but used a stuffed pprcupine Webkinz to pass around.
The Bible verse we put with this book was Romans 12:21 "Do not be overcome by Evil but overcome evil with good." The song we used for this game was Overcome Evil with Good by Steve Green.
The children liked this.
The other animals in the story were cats and dogs that laughed at the porcupine and didn't want her to be part of their group of friends (until the end of the story). We had puppy and kitty ceramics for the kids to paint. They like doing the painting.
Here's my little class. They each have a puppy or kitten stuffed animal.Like in the story we had a puppy parlor.

Thanks to anyone praying for me as I do this. I am enjoying it and learning a lot. The kids are adorable. It does take a lot of work though to be prepared.

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