Friday, September 17, 2010

Missionary Girls club

Our church started a missionary girl's club last year. There weren't any meetings during the summer but we just had our first one for this year.
Last year one of the times we made packets for a missionary named Brook Ford who is a missionary in Tanzania. She has a missionary girl's club there and last year we sent them packages and letters and I even recieved a letter back from the girl I wrote. (Read about that here)

Well, Miss Brook Ford is back in the US on furlough until January so she came here to tell us more about the girls and what she does and to share her testimony.

Here's a picture of most of the ladies/girls at our meeting. Brook is in the center in the yellow outfit

She did a slide show and told us a lot of interesting things about Tanzania.

We made necklaces for Brook to take back to Tanzania and give to the girls in her girl's club.

Here are some of the notes from her talk.

Miss Brook Ford leads the missionary girl's club there, she also does ladies visitation and a ladies meeting.

They do a scripture memory program. They have a sheet with 31 memory verses. If anyone learns one side of the page, they get a New Testament. If they learn both sides, they get a New Testament and a complete Bible.

At their church meeting they use a car battery to run a keyboard, a speaker and the microphone and then they just charge the battery.

90 percentof homes there have no running water or electricity.
nother project Brook did this past year was make a CD of Christian songs sung by friends there in Swaheli. She gave each of us a CD and a book with the words and then the translation back in English

Here is one of the songs off the CD (sung in Swaheli). See if you recognize what song it is. Click below to listen.
Other things: Food is very hard to come by from many Tanzanians.

Some other neat thing she said in her talk-

At their Christmas party last year, they gave each girl a mosquito net as their gift.
They were very appreciative. (Malaria mosquitoes mostly travel at night she said)

They get baptised (symbol of our faith) in the river. In that culture, they can not take of the Lord's supper until baptized. When they get up out of the water, the ladies greet them with flowers to celebrate.

A neat story she told us is................ in her last newsletter she said that they needed some packets of Kool-aid. She needed 140 Kool-aid packets for the rest of that year. She said she got so many she stopped counting at 1300. She said this is just one reason that her main verse recently is
Ephesians 3:20

"That He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask

or think, according to the power that worketh in us."

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