Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eve Part2

Eve was also the only woman to live in the Garden of Eden before there was sin! She lived in peace and harmony and had a closeness to God there.

But then sin entered the world.....

Satan succeeded in getting Eve to doubt the thruthfilness of God's word and the godness of His motives.
Gen. 3:1 says that the serpent was the sneakiest beast that the Lord made.
When Eve began talking to the serpent, she had no idea how far-reaching the consequences would be.
We need to remember that sin has consequences that reach future generations.

Satan operates through deception and disguise.
Satan (serpent) sugggests to Eve that God is with-holding something good from her. (Gen. 3:4-5)
Adam was right there with Eve when this all happened... and he said nothing. He was the leader and could have stopeed her.
Genesis 3:6 says "...and she gave also unto her husband with her. "

Now... how Adam and Eve dealt with their failure:
Geneisis 3:7-8:
1. They hide from each other- covering themselves with fig leaves
2. They tried to hide from God ("among the trees of the Garden")
then... Gen. 3:9-11- God comes to man: He asks where Adam is but He knows where he is. He just knows that there is no longer the closeness that was before sin.
He is giving an invitation to repent.

God holds Adam accountable even though Eve was the first to eat of the forbidden fruit. Adam failed to lead rightly (This too is sin.)
Gen 3:12-13: Adams answer:
Adam blames Eve and God
Vs 12:
Adam blames Eve .."that woman" (blaming Eve)
"that You gave me" (blaming God)
Eve blames Satan vs13:"the serpent decieved me, and I did eat."

** Our human tendency is to blame.-instead of taking responsibility for our sins.

Serpent: Cursed above every beast.
Must crawl on belly and eat the dust of the earth.
To the Women: Great pain and sorrow in childbirth. And subjection under husband's rule.
Adam: Will now take hard labor to grow food. The ground will now grow thorns and thistles.
Physical death for both man and animals.
Adam and Eve were sent out of the garden of Eden into a harsh world. And mankind now had a sinful nature.
How does this historial story of Adam and Eve apply to me today??
Remember sin has consequences. It's not just the consequences from our sin itself but our willingness to deal correctly with that sin.

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