Thursday, September 2, 2010

Down on the Farm

My youngest siblings are starting their school year with a Farm-theme unit. So we went on a field trip to a local dairy farm with a few other homeschooling families we know.

A friend of ours, me, and my sisters

Here is a picture of most of the kids in our group:

This is where they milk the cows:
Watching them put the milk in the containers and the lids on!
That's my cutie-pie brother in yellow
Here I am in the nursery...Baby cows. (calves)
If you cant tell this is a fake cow! JK! You Could "milk it" It was actually water! My littlest sister liked this. I doubt she'd like the chore though if we lived on a dairy farm. ????
Feeding one of the little cows! You wouldn't think so but you really have to hold it tight. They have quite a hold on it.
This cow was born on my sisters birthday! :D (the day before our field trip)
This is a tractor that was there! :) It's a Farmall (even though my bros T-shirt says JOhn Deere are the best.) We aren't farmers so we don't really have a brand preference. (his T-shirt was a hand-me-down. hehe)
We had an awesome time! Plus at the end we got cockies, with Orange Milk and also Chocolate milk!

Oh Yeah, and there was a super cool corn maze (except for boys had to throw ears of corn!)


  1. That looks like way too much fun!! Glad you guys had a good time. And I think school should be fun, esp. on this subject for them! :)

    When I was younger we would always drive up to the Crows Dairy Farm the Dunkin Farm(of course, the dunkin farm went under. :/) and the Tolmachoff Farm. All just like the one you all went to. A little different, but not much by far. *sigh* Just had a flashback. ;)

    sorry, I'm rambling. lol

  2. One of my best friends and her family own a dairy here in Waddell, and there have been a couple times when we have gone on a tour of their whole setup. It is very neat, but we have not gone since I was really little. One of the things I remember best was one girl put her finger in the milking maching and got her ring sucked off :) Too funny....