Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Whispering Rabbit

My 4th teaching class was on the Golden Book The Whispering Rabbit by: Margaret Wise Brown (and illustrated by Cyndy Szekeres)

The story is cute. It is a rabbit that yawns and a bee flies into her throat. She thinks the bee is sleeping and is worried that she might wake it and get stung. She asks her friends (animals) what they think she should do. The wise owl Told her to cover her mouth when she yawns (manners). The groundhog eventually tells her to whisper so she doesn't wake the bee and if she yells she might startle it.
So we put Proverbs 15:1 with it: "A gentle answer turns away wrath,
but a harsh word stirs up anger."

We had felt bunny rabbit hand puppets that they "sewed" then added wiggle eyes and a wooden bumble bee.

We even found these for the snack. The kids even got why we chose HONEY flavor (bee)

We had this game so we used it. The kids dropped the balls into the bee hive and if they did it, music went off.
Again we played a version of Duck, duck, goose. They LOVE this. :) We played Rabbit, Rabbit, Bee!
This was my favorite picture from the day!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Crayon Box That Talked

Here we are at the third class I'm teaching!

The class I taught last week was around the book: The Crayon Box That Talked

The themes were about living together in harmony with one another and also COLORS

Out first color activity was a color hunt: We had the worksheets like the photo and pictures from magazines for them to choose from and glue on.

We played with Play-doh!!
we played with colored ribbons!!

Us... outside playing!

One of my cutie-pie kids!

Even though this class is a lot of work, I am really enjoying it. I am thankful the Lord gave me this opportuniety.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Missionary Girls club

Our church started a missionary girl's club last year. There weren't any meetings during the summer but we just had our first one for this year.
Last year one of the times we made packets for a missionary named Brook Ford who is a missionary in Tanzania. She has a missionary girl's club there and last year we sent them packages and letters and I even recieved a letter back from the girl I wrote. (Read about that here)

Well, Miss Brook Ford is back in the US on furlough until January so she came here to tell us more about the girls and what she does and to share her testimony.

Here's a picture of most of the ladies/girls at our meeting. Brook is in the center in the yellow outfit

She did a slide show and told us a lot of interesting things about Tanzania.

We made necklaces for Brook to take back to Tanzania and give to the girls in her girl's club.

Here are some of the notes from her talk.

Miss Brook Ford leads the missionary girl's club there, she also does ladies visitation and a ladies meeting.

They do a scripture memory program. They have a sheet with 31 memory verses. If anyone learns one side of the page, they get a New Testament. If they learn both sides, they get a New Testament and a complete Bible.

At their church meeting they use a car battery to run a keyboard, a speaker and the microphone and then they just charge the battery.

90 percentof homes there have no running water or electricity.
nother project Brook did this past year was make a CD of Christian songs sung by friends there in Swaheli. She gave each of us a CD and a book with the words and then the translation back in English

Here is one of the songs off the CD (sung in Swaheli). See if you recognize what song it is. Click below to listen.
Other things: Food is very hard to come by from many Tanzanians.

Some other neat thing she said in her talk-

At their Christmas party last year, they gave each girl a mosquito net as their gift.
They were very appreciative. (Malaria mosquitoes mostly travel at night she said)

They get baptised (symbol of our faith) in the river. In that culture, they can not take of the Lord's supper until baptized. When they get up out of the water, the ladies greet them with flowers to celebrate.

A neat story she told us is................ in her last newsletter she said that they needed some packets of Kool-aid. She needed 140 Kool-aid packets for the rest of that year. She said she got so many she stopped counting at 1300. She said this is just one reason that her main verse recently is
Ephesians 3:20

"That He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask

or think, according to the power that worketh in us."

My 2nd class

This past week, the class I taught was all around the book Adeline's Porcupine.

This is a really great children's story. If you have someone young you can read to, I receommend getting this book and reading it to them.

Here I am reading the story to the kids.

Since the main character in this story is a porcupine, we played a version of Hot Potato but used a stuffed pprcupine Webkinz to pass around.
The Bible verse we put with this book was Romans 12:21 "Do not be overcome by Evil but overcome evil with good." The song we used for this game was Overcome Evil with Good by Steve Green.
The children liked this.
The other animals in the story were cats and dogs that laughed at the porcupine and didn't want her to be part of their group of friends (until the end of the story). We had puppy and kitty ceramics for the kids to paint. They like doing the painting.
Here's my little class. They each have a puppy or kitten stuffed animal.Like in the story we had a puppy parlor.

Thanks to anyone praying for me as I do this. I am enjoying it and learning a lot. The kids are adorable. It does take a lot of work though to be prepared.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eve Part2

Eve was also the only woman to live in the Garden of Eden before there was sin! She lived in peace and harmony and had a closeness to God there.

But then sin entered the world.....

Satan succeeded in getting Eve to doubt the thruthfilness of God's word and the godness of His motives.
Gen. 3:1 says that the serpent was the sneakiest beast that the Lord made.
When Eve began talking to the serpent, she had no idea how far-reaching the consequences would be.
We need to remember that sin has consequences that reach future generations.

Satan operates through deception and disguise.
Satan (serpent) sugggests to Eve that God is with-holding something good from her. (Gen. 3:4-5)
Adam was right there with Eve when this all happened... and he said nothing. He was the leader and could have stopeed her.
Genesis 3:6 says "...and she gave also unto her husband with her. "

Now... how Adam and Eve dealt with their failure:
Geneisis 3:7-8:
1. They hide from each other- covering themselves with fig leaves
2. They tried to hide from God ("among the trees of the Garden")
then... Gen. 3:9-11- God comes to man: He asks where Adam is but He knows where he is. He just knows that there is no longer the closeness that was before sin.
He is giving an invitation to repent.

God holds Adam accountable even though Eve was the first to eat of the forbidden fruit. Adam failed to lead rightly (This too is sin.)
Gen 3:12-13: Adams answer:
Adam blames Eve and God
Vs 12:
Adam blames Eve .."that woman" (blaming Eve)
"that You gave me" (blaming God)
Eve blames Satan vs13:"the serpent decieved me, and I did eat."

** Our human tendency is to blame.-instead of taking responsibility for our sins.

Serpent: Cursed above every beast.
Must crawl on belly and eat the dust of the earth.
To the Women: Great pain and sorrow in childbirth. And subjection under husband's rule.
Adam: Will now take hard labor to grow food. The ground will now grow thorns and thistles.
Physical death for both man and animals.
Adam and Eve were sent out of the garden of Eden into a harsh world. And mankind now had a sinful nature.
How does this historial story of Adam and Eve apply to me today??
Remember sin has consequences. It's not just the consequences from our sin itself but our willingness to deal correctly with that sin.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We (the girls in my house) started a Bible recently about the Women of the Bible. The first woman we just studied was Eve. (makes sense to start with her- she was the first woman.)
Most know that God created Adam from the dust of the ground and breathed the breath of life into him- then God created Eve from one of Adam's ribs-

Here are some notes I took during our study of Eve.

Eve's strengths blended with Adam's so that together they were something neither could be separately. In fact Gen. 1 shows us that it took both Adam and Eve to accuarately reflect the image of God.
Eve was the 1st helpmate to a husband. (she was the first wife ever)
Eve was named by Adam.- Hebrew word Hava - means the mother of all living. (Gen. 3:20) Seven times in Gen. 1 we read " and God saw that it was good."........ But it was not good for man to be alone. He was created incomplete so that God could complete him with Eve.

It takes both male and female to fulfil God's purposes given in Gen. 1: 26-28.

God's Purposes:
1. rule over all living things on Earth
2. Be fruitful and multiply
3. Fill the Earth and subdue it.

God brought Eve to Adam (it wasn't his job to find a mate.)

Eve was 1st women, wife and mother.
Think about that......She had no mother to teach her things.
She raised her children without another women on earth to guide or support her.

It was neat to sit and think briefly about how it might have been for Eve. She experienced many wonderful, beautiful things and then hard things too. She was the first woman to do everything she did.

Look for Part 2 of this soon. :)

Having fun with Photography

While waiting for my camera to get back,

I've been playing with some photos.

It's something called Color Splash and it's fun to use on photos!

Here's some:

Shakespeare-Heads! haha!

Don't worry, this game does not hurt- it was a lot of fun,

even though it looks vilalent!

So, what do you think of the photos?
My mom and I both really likes the one with my brother and the butterfly. I think it makes the butterfly look almost 3D.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Co-op Day

Our Homeschool Group started up again after having the summer off. I'm glad as I really like co-op

Chemistry class- It was actually really fun.

I am so happy the Lord gave me great friends at Co-op!

We were doing watercolor paintings for art class!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just a photo I took at our co-op day today that I like...

More photos from our day (yet to come).....


This week I started teaching a preschool/elementary class to children whose siblings are in Classical Conversations classes. The class is 2hours and 15 minutes. It is an enrichment class for them but it is mainly a children's story with themes carried throughout our whole class. It's really neat too because I get to teach them about the Lord and everything He created, etc.

There are two kids missing from the bottom photo but it is most of my class with me. Here is my class with me. They are really cute little kids!

Please pray for me as I continue to do this over the next 6 weeks.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Playing with a Picture

My camera is being fixed right now.Thankfully I can still borrow mom's from time to time.

I took this photo a little while ago so I was playing around with it! I think it turned out pretty cool! What do you think?

Baking from a mix

Yesterday we had to do some quick baking after our school lessons. We had a luncheon today at our church after the funeral of a Godly older man from our assembly. He is my cousins' grandpa. He was my Sunday School teacher a few years back as well as for my one sister and one brother (the older ones). He battled cancer for a year and is now in Heaven with the Lord.

The committee my mom is on was to bring desserts. It was funny because we just read one of the recent articles at a blog we read regularly called Raising Homemakers about using Box mixes. Here is the link to the article!

Here are two recipes we made using box mixes.
The first made cookies and they are delicious. The second recipe is one we've made for years. It's banana bread but is more like banana cake.
I just thought you might like to try them if you have a box mix in your pantry.

Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies
(recipe from Taste of Home magazine simple & delicious)

1 pkg. (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 pkg. (18 1/4 z.) chocolate cake mix
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup peanut butter chips

In a large bowl, beat cream cheese and butter until smooth. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Add cake miz; beat on low until blended. Stir in cho
colate and peanut butter chips. Drop by rounded Tablespoon 2 inches apart onto cookie sheets. Bake at 375 for 10-12 minutes or until set. Cool for 3 minutes and then remove to wire racks. Store in air tight container. Makes 4 dozen.
Photo of our batter:
This recipe is our banana bread recipe. It is one of our favorites. We also make a Banana Oatmeal loaf (this one is more nutricious and from scratch). :-) but here is the one with a cake mix... (and pudding mix)....

Banana Bread

1 to 2 small (over) ripe bananas

1 pkg. yellow cake mix

1 pkg. (4 serving size) vanilla (or banana) instant pudding

4 eggs

1 cup water

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1/2 cup finely chopped walnuts (optional)

Place bananas into bowl and mash. (the fun part!) Add remaining ingredients. Blend then beat (with mixer) at medium speed for 2 minutes until well mixed. Pour into a well-greased and floured 10" tube/ bundt pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 60 minutes. Cool in pan at least 15 minutes. Turn pan over on top of a serving plate. Allow to release from pan onto plate then finish cooling.

* May also be baked in a 9x13" pan (for more of a cake): Bake this 50-55 minutes or use 2 loaf pans and bake 50 minutes.

Let me know if you try these recipes and what you think.

P.S. My camera had a problem and is back at the manufactures. :( There was a blur in the screen at the bottom (like if your thumb got in the way) but it never goes away and shows up on the photos now. I am not sure what happened to it but it is under warranty so I'm glad of that but I am missing my camera. In the meantime maybe I'll find time to play with a few photos I have loaded in my computer.

Down on the Farm

My youngest siblings are starting their school year with a Farm-theme unit. So we went on a field trip to a local dairy farm with a few other homeschooling families we know.

A friend of ours, me, and my sisters

Here is a picture of most of the kids in our group:

This is where they milk the cows:
Watching them put the milk in the containers and the lids on!
That's my cutie-pie brother in yellow
Here I am in the nursery...Baby cows. (calves)
If you cant tell this is a fake cow! JK! You Could "milk it" It was actually water! My littlest sister liked this. I doubt she'd like the chore though if we lived on a dairy farm. ????
Feeding one of the little cows! You wouldn't think so but you really have to hold it tight. They have quite a hold on it.
This cow was born on my sisters birthday! :D (the day before our field trip)
This is a tractor that was there! :) It's a Farmall (even though my bros T-shirt says JOhn Deere are the best.) We aren't farmers so we don't really have a brand preference. (his T-shirt was a hand-me-down. hehe)
We had an awesome time! Plus at the end we got cockies, with Orange Milk and also Chocolate milk!

Oh Yeah, and there was a super cool corn maze (except for boys had to throw ears of corn!)