Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New piano pieces

I recently got a new book of piano songs from my piano teacher. The book is called A Splash of Color. What is really neat is that each song was created to "enhance an awareness of imagery through color". So each song's title includes a color. I am choosing between the following two songs which one I want to play at a recital (in the future)

I need help choosing which song. So.. I am asking you to let me know which song you like best.(Leave a comment)

These songs are new to me and I have not had much time to practice them yet so bare with any mistakes or sour notes.

Also one song is called "A touch of Gold" and the other is entitled "Forest Green"...can you pick which is which????

Each performer at the recital will also dress in the color of the song they are doing. I think that will be even more fun!! I'm looking forward to it!

Now help me choose so I can really get working on it! :)



  1. Well, I like both songs but I think I like Song #2 better.
    This really is going to be a fun recital.
    ❤ You!

  2. I have to agree .....they are both really good songs and I'd like to see you in the color gold but I do like song #2 best.
    Have fun!
    Mrs. G.

  3. Well, Mrs. G... Song #2 MIGHT be gold (or green)???? I was asking above that everyone tries to guess which song goes with which color.

  4. I'm going to have to buck the crowd and say I liked song #1 best (because I did). When listening to song #1 I thought it had to be Green but then I started listening to song #2 and thought it could be Green too.....
    I think perhaps I need to listen to them again.

  5. I have to go and listen again! That old saying haste makes waste has proven itself again :-)))))
    Mrs. G

  6. O.K. I have went back and did a quick listen! I could see song one sounding green and gold but song two doesn't seem to fit either I'll just have to be surprised!
    Mrs. G.

  7. First... good job on the videos!

    Alright... Here is my guess for the song titles:

    The first one must be the touch of gold and the second must be the green one...... that is what they sound like to me... :)

    They both have great qualities and I don't think I can vote for either one.... they are both good. :) I'll listen to songs again though....

  8. Thanks to everyone who left me a comment here about the songs. I still don't know which song I'll do.
    The song titles are
    Song #1 is Forest Green and Song #2 is A Touch of Gold.