Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Water slide & other games

One of the fun parts of our Sunday School Picnic is the large water slide we do. Here are a few moments from that too!
This picture shows the size of it.
Below: my bff, her brother and I are going down the slide together.

My (one) brother's age group played Minute-to-Win-It games. These were challenges they had to try to do within one minute's time! They looked fun and challnging but glad I didn't have to try doing them! :)
This one they wore a pantyhose hat that had a baseball in the bottom of the one leg. They had to swing it and knock down a long line of water bottles in a minute.

Another Minute-to-Win-it game was:
Placing an Oreo cookie on your forehead (hands behind back) and getting the cookie to go into your mouth. It's hard to do... and messy too! They had a few other games too but these two looked the most fun and funniest too.

This little guy loved his snow-cone. I think the photo is really cute!

By the end of the day, we all felt like this little guy......

It was a really fun day!

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