Monday, June 7, 2010

A little update

Well, this past weekend was interesting. ;-) It was fun! But now my brothers are actual Super Smash brothers! Ugh!

Sunday my sister and I had our final recital of this school year. It went well, I guess. I was nervous though. Two of my good friends were there with their families but I am glad they were there.

Here is a picture of my awesome Lil Sis with me! She is one of my bestest friends! :)

Recently my mom got me this shirt! I love it. Since it is my bloggin' name I wanted to get a picture of it for my sidebar so this evening mom took a camera FULL of pictures of me.
You should see what I went through with this photoshoot but it was fun! She actually got some good pictures of me. I might post some of the good ones but I don't know... I don't really want so-o many pictures of me on here.