Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Home-making and Hope Chests

Over the past year, I've had many discussions and Bible studies that have been about my future plans. I guess as a teenager it is a big topic. I can't plan out my entire future but pray the Lord leads me down the right path and I know He will. I want His will for my life. It would be really neat to be able to see ahead though, wouldn't it?? See who my husband will be and see my future family and what life will be like but I have that all to look forward to. my own little mystery to figure out. :) However, I have many years to become prepared.
Mom (and I) made an online friend years ago, who is a great artist, but also sweet young Christian example. Her name is Breezy and you should visit her blog. She has many wonderful things on her blog. Recently she wrote this post The Invisible Hope Chest. (go read it!)

As Breezy says "As young women, not yet married, we have the responsiblity to become as well-rounded and useful as we can be."
I have started an actual hope chest but it only consists of two cookbooks right now, as I enjoy learning to cook and bake new things. My next sewing project is my first hand-made apron for myself. I've made many but always for other people.

Anyway, mom read Breezy's article to us (my sister and I) before bed one night last week and ask us to think of the things that we would like to have in our Invisible Hope Chests so here is my list (so far)....

I am cooking and baking but will continue to improve and learn new skills in the kitchen
I am also working on a project with my mom that might someday be able to become a small business if I want/need it to be (if the Lord works that out to happen)
I am doing many Bible studies (and will also continue this always)
I have sewing time/lessons with a super-sweet older lady from our church. My sister and I go there and we will continue with her as long as she wants.
Being the oldest of 5, I've learned many lessons. When my youngest brother and sister were babies, I changed diapers and helped my mom in feeding them meals or dressing them and doing hairdos on my little sister. Now they are starting their homeschooling lessons and I am helping mom teach them so I think I am learning valuable lessons just within being the oldest in my family.

Skills I hope to add to my Invisible Hope Chest:
Canning and preserving
growing herbs and learning their uses
Cake decorating (I like working with fondant... it's like edible play dough)
Mom is going to show my sister and I how to make braided rugs, too.
stars/constellations (I imagine sitting outside at night with my family and pointing them all out to my kids)
how to create and run a website (for possible business). My dad can teach me this.
Bible (always more to learn)....We (my mom and I) are soon starting a book called Marriage Assurance (by Jim Binney).
I know I will be adding much more to this list but that's what I have for now.

I like how Breezy said we could start saving good books to read to our children. I think I will start adding some of my favorites to my actual hope chest, too. I never thought of that.

Breezy and frends also started this site
What skills are in your Invisible Hope Chest? I'd love to hear!


  1. So you guys do the whole courting thing instead of dating too?? It is such a wonderful blessing for me to not have to worry about which guy "likes" me but I can just wait for God to find the right man!!! I wondered if you guys did because of the Come What May movie link!!!

  2. Yes- courting over dating! Recently a Christian teen girl told me...(about a boy she USED to like).. I'd go on a date with him if he asked, it would be fun! That is not at all what I think is right. It's about finding God's choice for me.

  3. Right! Dating, by breaking up and finding another person you "like" is like preparing yourself for marrige, divorce, marrige, divorce.