Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Global Outreach experience

Today, some of my family and friends from my church went to help out at a Global Outreach Center. It was really neat. It's amazing how just a little bit here in America can do so much good in other countries with their starving children.We made food packets for children in countries like Ethiopia, Zimbabwa, and Guatamala. Each bag feeds a child one meal a day for a week.

The room had 10 -12 stations and we worked on 2 stations. Our station made up 15 boxes that each held 36 bags of food. (in an hour and 45 minutes).

The above picture shows the food that we packed in bags: Chicken Protein, Dried Veggies, Soy, and Rice (in that order)

We held the bag under the large funnel while they spoon/scoop in the ingredients.

...And yes we had to wear hair nets, I know they are not fashionable but it was worth it!

Then we took the filled bags and weighed them to make sure they had the right amount.

Then the bags got sealed. Above my brother is working the sealing machine.

Finished bags waiting to be boxed

At the very end, we all came together and prayed for the children and families that would be recieving the food.

The room that we worked in made enough bags (in 1hour and 45 minutes) to feed 41 children for the whole year!! That's amazing!

It was a wonderful experience and I hope to volunteer there again soon!

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