Monday, May 31, 2010

Water tubing

We have been having A LOT of fun on the water lately!

Here is a short video of one of the fun things we like to do on the water....


  1. Looks like too much fun!

    I have been on a lake once in my life (Lake Pleasant here in AZ about 2 years ago) with some friends and it was a blast! They have a small bass boat that they hooked up some tubes to and we did the same thing. The lady driving the boat would go really fast in really small circles so we would go through our own waves and half the time get knocked off the tubes! Two of the girls really went flying one time! It was a lot of fun, and I would love to do it again some day.

    The only bad thing was I sat on the boat most of the time in shorts and my legs got fried! Not burned...fried. They peeled and everything. Ouch...and not fun :(


  2. Yeah, one time, I went flying so high and it felt like someone had hit the eject button!

  3. My mom is pretty much a safety nut but I like that. She always has us suncreen before we go out and even keeps some in the car.

    yeah- this day when my brother was on the tube with my sister, they flew off and he actually did a somersault in the air before going in to the water. She didn't get it on video though.

    I really wish we could take you out sometime never know... maybe someday!! :)

  4. Yeah, that's what I did too! I did a whole flip!!!