Sunday, May 23, 2010

End-of-the-year event

This past weekend was very busy. Friday evening was our end-of-the-year event with our homeschool group/ co-op. We had display tables, then musical performances and our Shakespeare play, The Merchant of Venice. We had a pretty good turn-out and even though I was nervous, everything went well and I had a lot of fun.

Here I am at part of my table:

My sister and I did our duet (Be Thou My Vision, me on piano, and my siser on the violin) but it certainly wasn't close to our best. My sister stood behind me and had the tempo going too fast. (I think she was nervous). So between that speed and my own hands shaking, I could barely keep up. Many people didn't notice I guess, but we did. I really wanted it to be much better, like it is when we practice at home. But... we play it at least twice more in June, one time in our recital in just 2 weeks and another time for special music at church (on Father's Day). Sorry J we didn't do it as well as we really wanted to.

Then onto the Shakepeare play..... That went very well. Everyone knew their lines and it was a lot of fun. I am no longer Nerissa now- that is kind of a relief.
Here is a picture of our cast:

Also- just a day before our event I finished the dress I
was sewing. Here it is: (can you tell I like the color yellow?)


  1. Tell your sister that I play violin too! I also play piano. I have played violin for 6 years and piano for 7 or 8.

  2. We have a harpsichord I like to play but not as much as the piano. My sister hopes to start the mandolin this summer, too.

  3. Have you been on Tyler's blog yet??? That kid can play ANYTHING!!! He plays mountian dulcimer, lap dulcimer, violin, mandolin, guitar, etc.!!!

  4. Is he IrishRagamuffin or something like that? I think the older G boys can play just about anything too!

  5. Yeah, he is IrishRagamuffin! I know, they can play alot! Tyler's dad can play anything too. He films movies. The latest one was Friday at Noon, wich has not come out yet. he is filming it with the other church that we planted in the East valley of Pheonix!