Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Divine Dance

We finished up reading the book I've posted about before called The Divine Dance...

Here are a few things I really liked from the last chapters and wanted to share...

"God knows us. He knows our dreams, our goals, our strengths, and our weaknesses. He has given each of us talents which to give Him glory. "

"God didn't give you your gifts so you could sit on them and let them go to waste until you are older. He gave them to you so you could use them now. Your youth is an asset to whatever gifts you possess, because it means you can spend your whole lifetime using your gifts for God's glory. I think many of us tend to view high school and college not as stages on which to dance but merely bridges to cross. We view these short intervals not as places themselves but as roads to other places."

God didn't wait until you were old to give you salvation, so don't wait until you are old (er) to give Him glory! "You are part of God's divine plan, and He has a purpose for you. The stage of your life has been set just to His liking. The question is: Is the dancer ready?"

"Life is full of steps and stages, costumes and characters, short notes and long pauses. All of those things are orchestrated by the One who not only knows our names but also knows our hearts. When we set our heart's to do His will, we begin to dance His divine dance...the way HE choreographed it for us."

I thought of this song... I hope you dance...
(and I hope you dance.... For His Glory) :)


  1. I love the video! The little ones are adorable!!! Have you heard Lee Ann Womack's version of this song? I like it, too.

  2. Yes, I heard Lee Ann Womack's version. It is more popular but the video is so immodest. She is dressed so inmodestly. Yuck!
    I like this guy's voice and accent

  3. That is probably why it is so popular! I know it souds bad, but that is the way our nation is!!

  4. Yes, our world is so messed up. I'm glad we can live in the world without being OF the world.