Friday, March 26, 2010


Recently we saw this sign at a church near our home. Mom showed it to us and we smiled because at the time my sister and I both had inspirational speeches to do for our speech class at our co-op. A few weeks later we were riding in the car one day. The girls in my family were out for a day doing music lessons and shopping. This day we just really noticed signs and talked about them. I think it started because this was driving right in front of us....... ..but then all day (even week) we were taking notice to signs and tried to get photos of ones we really liked.
...and here they are...
Here are two ...about smiles! :)
..and here is one more church sign we saw.
Now, I look at signs more often when we go out. They CAN be good reminders to us.
Ok... Now I need to go "eat more bananas". :-) (They are good for my sore teeth! I just got my bottom braces on this week and my mouth hurts. I am eating soft foods so this sign was appropriate this week!

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