Thursday, March 4, 2010

Easy Craft

Yesterday we did a fun activity!

First we took washable markers and colored on coffee filters. (They were taped to the table.)

Then, we took a paint brush and splatered water all over each filter.
(It started to look more like watercolor!)

Once they were dry, mom hung them up on the window. They look really cool...... especialy when the light shines through!

Since there is so much white and gray outside. It's a nice way to have colors shine in as we wait for Spring's colors to arrive!

This is a really easy craft and it's fun for all ages. We sat at our kitchen table and all did some. My 3 yr. old sister and 5 yr. old brother were both able to do this on their own (with instructions). Even my mom enjoyed making these!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post - it reminded me of when I did this craft with my boys years ago. I LOVE that you hung them all together like that in the window - what a beautiful collage!