Monday, March 29, 2010

One Thousand Things

holy experience

This is a random and on-going list of things I am thankful for.

171. Cheesecake
172. Brownies
173. Pizza
174. Apple Sauce
175. New recipes
176. Family recipes
177. My (own) first cook book (mom just bought me)
178. Starting my hope chest
179. My future family
180. My friends’ mom coming out of the hospital
181. Rainbows
182. flip flops
183. Sunshine
184. My aunt & uncle (and little cousins) starting to come to our church more!
185. My best friend, Ruth
186. My new projects at sewing lessons

Friday, March 26, 2010


Recently we saw this sign at a church near our home. Mom showed it to us and we smiled because at the time my sister and I both had inspirational speeches to do for our speech class at our co-op. A few weeks later we were riding in the car one day. The girls in my family were out for a day doing music lessons and shopping. This day we just really noticed signs and talked about them. I think it started because this was driving right in front of us....... ..but then all day (even week) we were taking notice to signs and tried to get photos of ones we really liked.
...and here they are...
Here are two ...about smiles! :)
..and here is one more church sign we saw.
Now, I look at signs more often when we go out. They CAN be good reminders to us.
Ok... Now I need to go "eat more bananas". :-) (They are good for my sore teeth! I just got my bottom braces on this week and my mouth hurts. I am eating soft foods so this sign was appropriate this week!

Monday, March 22, 2010

One Thousand Gifts...on-going list

holy experience
This is a random and on-going list of things that I am thankful for...
153. My African friend Maombi
154. Being able to help others
155. Being able to pray
156. Prayer
157. That God is always there!
158. Godly role models
159. Being the oldest with 4 younger siblings
160. That I have a Christian family
161. Pancakes
162. Scrambled Eggs
163. The baptism at my church on Sunday!
164. seeing my friends walking with the Lord, too
165. Our wonderful Creator
166. Our abilities
167. Our talents
168. when I can make someone else smile
169. Smiles
170. that my family tells each other "I love you" everyday.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My friend from Africa

Last night, we had our Missionary Girl's Club. We did things for a local mission this month. We gave supplies for a local ladies shelter.
We got letters back too from the girls in a girl's club from Africa. We sent them supplies and notes 2 months ago.

I was happy to get a letter back. We can continue to write to each other but the letters take 2 months to be delivered to them in Africa.

The letters were written in Swahili. A missionary translated them on the back though for us!
My African pen pal friend in the Lord is named Maombi.
I'd really like to meet her someday...but that might not happen until Heaven.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our Choir Concert

Last evening, we had our choir concert! It was a nice performance! I really liked all the songs we sang.

I enjoyed seeing and hearing my younger sister and brother in the elementary choir.
The singers within my family:

Back to High School Choir:

I made a lot of great new friends too!

I will try to upload a video of one of our songs. I couldn't get it into this post. It wouldn't work but I'll try it within its own post!

Monday, March 8, 2010

More...One Thousand Gifts

holy experience

132. Online doodling
133. Fun computer games
134. Lapbooks
135. New Spring blossoms
137. Warmer weather
138. Mom’s chocolate cupcakes baking right now! Yum!
139. Soccer (starting this month)
140. Our choir concert (this week)
141. Babysitting little children
142. Babies
143. Pencil sharpeners
144. calendars
145. Fun activities planned on our calendar
146. Tater tot casserole
147. Speech class
148. Shakespeare (class)
149. Creative writing (class)
150. New clothing
151. The Lord’s ( 2nd ) Coming
152. Heaven

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Easy Craft

Yesterday we did a fun activity!

First we took washable markers and colored on coffee filters. (They were taped to the table.)

Then, we took a paint brush and splatered water all over each filter.
(It started to look more like watercolor!)

Once they were dry, mom hung them up on the window. They look really cool...... especialy when the light shines through!

Since there is so much white and gray outside. It's a nice way to have colors shine in as we wait for Spring's colors to arrive!

This is a really easy craft and it's fun for all ages. We sat at our kitchen table and all did some. My 3 yr. old sister and 5 yr. old brother were both able to do this on their own (with instructions). Even my mom enjoyed making these!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A music note (get it?)

Today I had a pretty musical day.... piano lessons and choir practice. Something fun happened by chance today- at choir. My cousin and I did our hair very similar and the whole time we kept confusing our moms. It was not something we tried but funny that it happened.

Also.. here is a short video.. it is just a peek at something I am working on. I just got this song about 2 weeks ago. I have a long way to go on it yet but here's a little preview. I think the song is very pretty. I am playing it with my sister. Sh will be playing her violin along with me. A friend did the arrangement.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Becoming A Pearl

Mom gave me this article to read. She often does Bible Studies before me (to kind of check them out and she enjoys doing them too) or often she does them with me (sometimes including one or more of my siblings.)
She has been listening (audiobook) to Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris. We started listening to the first CD yesterday. The Harris twins' Rebelution has a blog and website that also include many great articles. We read the modesty ones in our study with doing our lapbooks. It was good to see some of the things that might be stumbling blocks for boys. I just never thought of it that much before of the boy's perspective, etc.
Anyway, the article she gave me (and my siblings) to read is called Responding Correctly to Irritations by Grace Molly

She knows I can get frustrated sometimes being the oldest of five. I know I have things I need to work on in this area and I really liked this article a lot. These things will pop back into my mind and help me the next time I am irritated with anyone.

Here are the things that I really liked/learned from this article:
"God is the one who puts families together. He knows exactly what He is doing. The assortment of gifts and personalities He provides makes the family a very powerful team. However, these differences, which make life colorful and exciting, can also cause a lot of irritations. We need to learn how to handle irritations in a godly way instead of allowing them to cause damage." Our goal can not be for an irritation-free environment. We we'll always have irritations in our lives. "Instead, God wants us to learn how to handle these irritating situations correctly. In fact, this is one of the reasons God has put us in families. "

Our brothers and sisters and parents' personalities and characteristics may annoy us at times, but if we can’t learn to get along with them, we won’t succeed in our relationships with other people later on in life.
"The Lord usually isn’t interested in rescuing us from irritating situations. Rather He is interested in changing us! Just like beautiful pearls are formed when an irritant makes its way into an oyster’s shell, so when we respond properly to “irritants” in our own lives, we will be displaying the beauty of Christ in our lives. "

We need to realize these things:
*First of all, we need to realize that we don’t deserve anything! Everything we have is a gift. The Lord gives and takes away, and He commands us to be content in all circumstances.
*Secondly, we need to look past the irritation and ask God to reveal the bigger picture.
Training in this area may be tough; it requires endurance, humility, and lots of patience—but the fruit is eternal.

WOW! Wasn't that good?
If you want to read the whole article, click the link in the top paragraph.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Funny photo: It's all about the cell phone.

Got this photo when babysitting.... it's so funny:

....It's all about the cell phone!......

holy experience

This is my on-going list of things I am thankful for. The list is in random order.

116.Staying up late and whispering with friends/sister
117. Falling asleep once really tired
118. Waking to each new day and new beginning
119. Having a family that loves me
120. Having my mom and sister as some of my best friends
121. Laughing at “inside” family jokes
122. When children say funny things
123. Fun (inexpensive) jewelry
124. My new Proverbs 3:5 bracelet
125. Beverly Lewis books
126. Nancy Drew books/games
127. Ice cream with waffle cone
128. Chocolate covered pretzels
129. Home popped popcorn
130. Freshly baked cookies... just out of the oven
131. mom's salad with grandma's homemade salad dressing
132. laptop computers
133. Cell phones