Friday, February 26, 2010

How My Week is Shaping Up!

Sunday was the Lord's day.The message was on 1 Corinthians chapter 4 (Stewards of the mysteries of God).
1 Cor. 4:16: “Therefor we do not loose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, Yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.”
Monday: We spent a little time on school work but mostly we were preparing for and cooking.
We tried something new... chocolate filigree. It was fun but I need more practice. My mom did most of them but let me do some too.

Then Monday evening, we had a high school choir practice. Only two weeks until our concert! The ride to and from was hilarious with my cousins (who are some of my best friends).
Tuesday: We had company all day. It was a family that is coming to our Homeschool co-op this year and we've become good friends with them. I am playing an arrangement of Be Thou My Vision on the piano with my sister playing her violin. One of the boys in this family, close to my age did the arrangement. My sister and I hope to play it at the co-op's end-of the year event . We might also play it in church for special music. We've only been working on it for two weeks now but I look forward to when I can play it well. It helped hearing him play it. Anyway, that was a really fun day.
Wednesday is usually a very busy day for us but this one, we were home the entire day. The morning was spent doing schoolwork. My speech for our next co-op day is done. Now I just have to practice it. After school work was done, I had the privilege of playing with my youngest sister. She is only 3 and she is a lot of fun to play with. I would never miss out on this by saying oh I am too old to play with her. We always have fun. At one point she handed me one of her baby dolls and started showing me how I should take care of it. It was very cute. It made me think that someday the roles might be reversed and real. I might be already a mother and handing her a baby (either mine or hers) and showing her something.
This reminded me how I need to be a role model for my little sister(s).

Thursday: My sister and I babysat at our church for the Woman's Bible study. This was a lot of fun, too. Little children are just adorable. They are so cute and say the FUNNIEST things.
After the Bible study we got to go shopping for a little while. It's always fun when it is just my mom, my sisters and I. My brothers just don't like shopping ...which somehow always make us not like shopping. :-) We were looking for white shirts for our choral concert which we didn't find but I got a really nice brown full skirt that I really like and it was on clearance. Once home… it was schoolwork until suppertime.
Friday: (today) has mostlybeen filled with schoolwork. We did more of the pieces for our modesty lapbooks.
I am doing ARTistic Pursuits Curriculum which I really like and I did a lesson in that. I am also working on a big presidents notebook. Today I did Lyndon Baines Johnson.
I am studying the American Revolution. I am reading Kate and the Spies -The American Revolution, A Sisters in Time book. We hope to start an American Revolution lapbook soon. Science recently changed. Mom got a different curriculum. It is called Evolution vs. Creation. Then of course I'll be practicing piano.
We are also still reading The Divine Dance. This is really a good book!
The weekend should be fun. We don’t have any set plans. My dad has the whole weekend off so we will probably have a lot of family fun. I might even be able to get together with one of my cousins (who is a one of my best friends) or another friend.

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