Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sewing: Crayon Rolls

Today we were gone most of the day. My sister & I had our sewing lesson.
We are making bags to take on the airplane. We will soon be taking a family vacation.

Before Christmas, my sister and I each made our brothers a pair of pj pants. She made one pair and I made the other. We also made our youngest siblings crayon rolls. My mom found a tutorial online and we were able to make them in one lesson. Here is a picture of them. I made the pirate one for my youngest brother. They roll up and then get tied with the ribbons on the end. They plan to take them in their bags on our vacation. Then they will go in our Bible bag for church.
Here are the homemade crayon rolls:

Here is the tutorial my mom found in case you want to sew one too!

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