Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Family Mexican Night

Tonight we had a lot of fun making a homemade Mexican meal. We recently got some recipes for homemade refried beans and guagamole from some wonderful new friends.

We made taco (burger) meat, rice, homemade refried beans (from dried beans), chunky guagamole, & sauteed chicken with peppers & pineapple served in a half pineapple. We then added tortilla shells, sour cream and shredded cheese ~ and a few festive decorations!

Fue deliciouso!
One thing happened during cooking that will be memorable for my mom and both my sisters. When we were gathering our cooking ingredients, we were looking for our crushed red pepper. My mom got a bag out of the pantry of spices that looked like crushed peppers. She opened it and smelled it. It indeed smelled like crushed peppers but burned the inside of her nose. She was able to breathe in the steam from the beans cooking but it must have really hurt.
Then while we were making the refried beans, my littlest sister (3 yrs. old) was with us trying to help. She picked up that bag of peppers before we even knew it and she popped it. The powder from the pepper explosion went in my little sister's eye but thankfully just a little. A lot though got in my other sister's throat and nose. We decided to look more for labeled crushed peppers to use. After telling my dad at the supper table what happened he told my mom that bag was a HOT pepper mix a friend of his gave us because they know my dad likes hot and spicy food! It seemed bad for them but they recovered quickly and we had a very delicious meal and a great time together as a family!

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  1. We're so glad you enjoyed your dinner! It sounds like an exciting, maybe even dangerous experience. We're so glad you made lasting memories that will bring chuckles for awhile to come :-) The pic's are just great!