Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ancient Toothpaste

Isn't it neat how the Lord brings things right to you that fit so well with what is going on in your life. Like this...

Yesterday all my siblings had dentist appointments. Our dentist has kid's day where they only see children and they have fun activities, drawings, and prizes. I can no longer be involved as I am too old. (One more reminder that I am approaching adulthood.) Anyway, I am also starting a notebook/lapbook project on flowers. It's a fun way to learn more and study God's beautiful creation: flowers.

Well, this morning we were on the Answers in Genesis site. My mom was looking for lessons to go with our Science curriculum. Right away I saw a link "Ancient Toothpaste... leaves teeth fresh and clean" It was really interesting. Ken Ham told us that recently a recipe for toothpaste was found on an ancient Egyptian papyrus. It dates back to the 4th century. It was documented because it was presented at a dental conference. The toothpaste was made from mint, salt, grains of pepper, and dried Iris flowers. It was recorded that at the conference a scientist said it left his mouth feeeling fresh and clean. But toothpaste was not sold as a product until 1873. Recenlty it was also discovered the benefit of the Iris flower to prevent gum disease.

Two things that this proves, too:
1. We should study our history better and learn from what they've already learned.
2. We haven't evolved from a dumb state. Looks like the 4th century had some pretty smart people, right?
The Iris flower in purple

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